Try any the following sections for further information about the commercial fishing industry, useful IT information, and miscellaneous stuff.

Commercial Fishing Organizations

The Quota Exchange
Sell Your
BC Salmon Marketing Council
Gulf Trollers Association
Pacific Trollers Association
Northern Trollers Association
Pacific Coast Fishermen's Mutual Marine Insurance Company
BC Tuna Fishermen's Association
BC Seafood Alliance
BC Seafood Online
Canadian Sablefish Association
Fisheries Council of Canada
Pacific Urchin Harvesters Association
Underwater Harvesters Association
Canadian Groundfish Research & Conservation Society
BC Salmon Farmers Association
Archipelago Marine Research

Government Agencies and Information

DFO Pacific Region
Salmon Test Fishing Login Page
Pacific Salmon Commission
International Pacific Halibut Commission
Marine Weather Forecasts
NOAA 90 hour weather forecasts
West Coast Sea Surface Temperatures

Harbours and Marine Facilities

Comox Valley Harbour Authority
Nanaimo Fishermans Market
False Creek Harbour Authority
Nanaimo Port Authority
Steveston Harbour Authority
Harbour Authority Association of BC
BC Lighthouses

IT Links

Slashdot News
The Apache Software Foundation - The Source for Java Technology
The Java Script Source
JSP Resource Index
Web Pages That Suck
Linux Online
Oracle Technology Network Documentation
What Is? IT Dictionary
Mozilla Firefox - stop using IE

All kinds of stuff

Ports and Passes
The Darwin Awards
Results Canada
Make Poverty History
National Geographic Online
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Michael Moore
PBS Nova
Hunter S Thompson - An American Journalist ... yes
Seth Tisue's Jandek page
Zapato Productions
Internet Movie Database
Peter Warren
Rafe Mair
Quackery Watch

Online Media

The Tyee
The Onion
The Nation
CBC Radio 3
Definitely Not The Opera
The Independent
The Progressive

Environmental Organizations

David Suzuki Foundation
Sierra Club Canada
Pacific Fisheries Resource Conservation Council
Western Canada Wilderness Committee
Friends of Clayquot Sound
T Buck Suzuki Environmental Foundation
Georgia Strait Alliance
Living Oceans Society
Watershed Watch
Save Our Skeena Salmon

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